While academic grades are imperative to job applications and career success, we at ACI believe in all round development in a student as true education. Participation of students in various clubs and organizations on campus provides them an opportunity to acquire leadership, planning and social skills that are important for successful living. In addition to professional development opportunities, various ACI clubs and unions also provide students with personal, social, and community service avenues, enhancing the overall collegiate experience.


ACI strongly believe in empowering students to take up leadership while taking part in the inner working of the college. Students who are part of the council are privy to a range of personal and professional benefits and they are exposed to a variety of opportunities in the college and beyond. The students’ council is a group of leaders who are given the charged of managing a wide range of activities, programs, policies and initiatives in the college. The council is elected by the students of the college every year. The council represents the best interest of the college as well as helps shape the students experience on campus.

The college has a student’s council elected for every academic year, with the Principal of the college as the Ex-Officio President of the Council. The rest of the council members are elected from among the students with two Asst. Professors appointed as advisors to the council.

Council members for the Academic Year 2018-2019
Executive Name
Ex - Officio President Rev. Loli Kape, Principal, ACI
Vice President RD Reipao Pao, B.A, 3rd Year
General Secretary Kapani Meikho Khrasi, B.A., 3rd Year
Games & sports Secretary R Athili, B.Sc. 2nd Year
Information & Publicity Secretary Alice K Panmei, XII Science
Women Co-ordinator Hriiyia Kayina, XII Arts
Advisors Dr. Kollo, Pol. Science Dept.
Advisors Ms. Katine, Physics Dept.